Thursday, December 04, 2008

AYGO "Car Dance Party"

Launch the special series AYGO Music with iPOD and Bluetooth connection to a target group from 16 to 25 years old. AYGO Car Dance party directly communicated the assets of the AYGO Music to the target group. All cars of Belgium became potential dance floors for a car dance party. Every participant became an advertiser for the AYGO music. The message was spread in a spontaneous, fun and never seen before way. AYGO Car Dance Party Belgium: a huge online contest with user generated content. The “superstars” Boris and Juri introduced the AYGO Car Dance Party choreography by TV, viral, emailing, online bannering, print, poster and radio. People were encouraged to do better than Boris and Juri, to film it and to post their video on GarageTV, the Belgian Youtube. That could be done at home, on a special Car Dance Party stand at the summer music festivals and on Belgian AYGO Car Dance tour all around the country. Participants with the highest rated got to the final, where a professional jury choose the best Car Dance Party during a live radio event. Far above all expectations. Car Dance Party became the summer hit in Belgium. The official Car Dance Party tune became a hit on parties and Belgian radio's. More than 2900 movies where posted in the first month only. More than 723.000 unique views in total. + 19% of the sales objectives of the AYGO Music.

Agency: Happiness Brussels, Belgium.